Dynasty Jewellery
Rain lashes your face, thunder rattles your teeth. Your life is this road, this path you sing, your dreams are bold and bright. You carry expectations and hopes on your back, but your step is light. If you stop, you are lost. If you walk, you will find. And what sustains you is memories, of something or someone, and the amulet you grasp in your hand.
Rachel Entwistle would like to invite you to share a journey. In her jewellery she explores the far corners of our landscapes physical and spiritual, our past and our nature, all drawn from a fascination born in the British wild and honed in a lifetime of travel. Capturing mystery and grace, her well crafted, intricately finished designs show an appreciation for classic forms and an avant-garde desire to push boundaries. Provocative and wearable, a jewellery with meaning, untamed.
Rachel Entwistle was a finalist for New Designer of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards 2012.