Dynasty Jewellery
Kamilla Thorsen launched Dynasty in London 2007 following the completion of her BA Hons in Printed Textile Design from the University of Brighton. Having previously under gone training in her native Denmark in the art of jewellery design, it was not until her degree show that she began to explore the innovative collaboration possibilities between textile and jewellery design. This was to be the foundation and inspiration for the future Dynasty collections.
An enchanting world of delicate, feminine and contemporary pieces. Kamilla experiments with the contrast of matt and shiny and old and new, using vintage components such as antique chain and French beading circa 1900, thus creating a special limited edition quality to her work.
Dynasty’s collections feature her signature ‘Butterfly’, which is hand made from plexi-glass, intricately engraved and hand polished, giving it a glass like quality, which has become a unique component in her design ethos. It is the love of delicacy, the carefully selected materials, and the high attention to detail and craftsmanship that is unique to Dynasty's artful one off pieces.